Enjoying weekly interactive
and open discussions
of scripture.





A Sabbath-keeping, Scripture-based Christian fellowship, greeting one another with a smile and a handshake. Where the environment is committed to providing a safe and friendly learning and sharing environment.

Join us as we read scripture, pray for those in need, fellowship with one another, sing hymns, share sermons and Bible studies, and participate in open discussions about the Bible, Christian living and current events. As we share our understanding and experiences, we listen carefully to each other, seeking to better understand the Scriptures and live them more fully day by day. Our aim is to dwell together in unity, understanding and respecting different points of view, and working to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

If you need a break from the traditional approach of sit down and "listen to me preach at you", then come join us for a refreshing and truly inspiring Sabbath day. Bring a friend and join in listening and talking about our great God and his truth. Share your thoughts and perspectives and insights. Re-discover that joy of reading the Bible once again.




Visitors are always welcome. See Calendar and Events for the time and location of services.

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